Fucking SEXY ;]


Fucking SEXY ;]

Ten rape prevention tips:

1. Don’t put drugs in women’s drinks.

2. When you see a woman walking by herself, leave her alone.

3. If you pull over to help a woman whose car has broken down, remember not to rape her.

4. If you are in an elevator and a woman gets in, don’t rape her.

5. When you encounter a woman who is asleep, the safest course of action is to not rape her.

6. Never creep into a woman’s home through an unlocked door or window, or spring out at her from between parked cars, or rape her.

7. Remember, people go to the laundry room to do their laundry. Do not attempt to molest someone who is alone in a laundry room.

8. Use the Buddy System! If it is inconvenient for you to stop yourself from raping women, ask a trusted friend to accompany you at all times.

9. Carry a rape whistle. If you find that you are about to rape someone, blow the whistle until someone comes to stop you.

10. Don’t forget: Honesty is the best policy. When asking a woman out on a date, don’t pretend that you are interested in her as a person; tell her straight up that you expect to be raping her later. If you don’t communicate your intentions, the woman may take it as a sign that you do not plan to rape her.

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*slides $10 to the government* please cancel school

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︻╦╤─ soft ghetto ─╤╦︻


︻╦╤─ soft ghetto ─╤╦︻


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sonic you dumb fuck


sonic you dumb fuck

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Holllld that energy. DBZ Kai is coming to Toonami this fall!


Holllld that energy. DBZ Kai is coming to Toonami this fall!

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Fans have been screaming for a special edition for the upcoming Kingdom Hears -HD 2.5 ReMIX- for a long time, especially after the plethora of choices Japan got to choose from. Thanks to Zephyr, we have learnt that there will be a Limited Edition of Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- available on December 2nd 2014.

Square Enix describes the limited edition as; “Fans that pre-order the Standard Edition of the game will also receive a free upgrade to the Limited Edition (while supplies last), which includes the exclusive Disney collectible pin featuring Sora and Mickey Mouse.

The English Box Art was also released with this update, however it remains unchanged form the Japanese box art released not too long ago.

The limited edition is available at the Online Square Enix store and Amazon.

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Updated with new images of the LE!


Lara Croft Evolution  (1996-2014) <3 


The Sailor Scout, Fantasy RPG set!







NEVER FORGET when Miley Cyrus tried to get buck, and NEVER EVER FORGET when Kid Fury clapped back with the skill and might of the Ancient Wig-Snatchers of Old

No words can describe my love for this…..

i think about this so very often.


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Love the Kid man…